Copenhagen-based Sunflower is a wardrobe of contemporary menswear designed by a collective who grew frustrated with passing fads and fashion trends changing with each season. It's made for men in search of a fresh approach to dressing, luxurious quality and finish. They balance understated, intelligent design with a respect for tailoring traditions. For Sunflower the method of production is as valued as the final product, and their skilled craftsmen use the best quality fabrics to make real clothes for men’s daily lives.

Discover Sunflower

In 2018, Ulrik Pedersen, known for NN07, partnered with Martin Gjesing from Moon and Swedish designer Bengt Thornefors to establish Sunflower. Together, they embraced a groundbreaking and sustainable approach to menswear, rooted in respect for craftsmanship and traditional tailoring.

Sunflower's commitment to quality materials and timeless designs, free from compromise, yields a collection that transcends seasonal shifts. Their garments, from simple T-shirts to exquisite coats and warm woolen knits, can be effortlessly styled with seasonal trends. Rejecting trend-driven design, they sought to create timeless, lasting pieces by blending their expertise in tailoring, design, fabrics, and art. The result is a sophisticated, yet rugged aesthetic that sets Sunflower apart in Danish menswear.

Sunflower's meticulous approach extends to all their offerings, whether it's accessories like caps or jeans crafted from fine Italian GOTS certified cotton denim. Their collections feature styles that remain intriguing, blending timeless classics with a contemporary edge. Grocery is official online retailer of Sunflower fashion for men, offering a well-curated selection of unique pieces.

You can explore our physical store in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where we showcase a diverse range of fashion from danish as well as international brands.