Our Legacy

Our Legacy is an independent fashion brand founded in Stockholm in 2005 by Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén. The cult brand has since amassed a devoted following and established their role on the Scandinavian fashion scene. With their twist to timeless design staples and play with silhouettes and custom-developed fabrics, they exist in the junction between familiar and irregular. The Swedish brand explore seasonal themes through an intricate attention to detail and repurpose of materials.

Our Legacy - Stockholm's Pioneers of Fashion Evolution

Step into the avant-garde world of Our Legacy, a rebellious force born in 2005 by the hands of Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying, and Richardos Klarén. Breaking the mold of traditional fashion, Our Legacy is more than a brand – it's a cultural movement.

Dive into collections that redefine norms, blending custom-developed fabrics, minimalist allure, and textured intricacies. Our Legacy dances on the edge between the known and the irregular, reshaping familiar silhouettes into captivating sub-categories.

From dressing trendsetters like Wiz Khalifa in their iconic Hawaii shirts to unleashing 'techno cowboys' on Paris Fashion Week, Our Legacy is the epitome of cool. What started with print T-shirts has grown into a global sensation with stores in Stockholm, London, and Berlin.

In 2016, Our Legacy ignited a fashion revolution with the WORK SHOP, a space dedicated to recycling and upcycling garments, a bold stand against fashion waste.

Explore influential collaborations like the Our Legacy x Vans Vault collection, a tribute to California punk. Originally menswear, Our Legacy embraced womenswear in 2018, opening a flagship women's store in London's vibrant Soho in 2019.

More than just clothes, Our Legacy ventures into glasses, shoewear, and fragrances, shaping a distinctive identity where tradition intertwines with innovation. Join Our Legacy – where fashion becomes a narrative, and each piece tells a story of audacious elegance.