ROA is an Italian shoe and apparel brand founded in 2015. Through the latest innovations from the world of technical outdoors-wear, ROA develops crossover, experimental techniques that shape products which reflect a hybrid attitude towards the landscapes.

ROA - Bridging Fashion and Hiking

Embrace a hybrid approach to landscapes with ROA Hiking, the Italian shoe brand established in 2015. Fusing cutting-edge innovations from technical outdoors-wear with experimental techniques, ROA crafts footwear that mirrors a hybrid attitude towards diverse terrains. Elevating the sportswear ethos to outdoor footwear, ROA champions functionality through avant-garde materials and performance-derived construction techniques.

The name ROA finds its inspiration in the enchanting hiking destination, Forcella della Roa, nestled in the Dolomites. Prioritizing functionality, our shoes are meticulously developed to be both practical and visually appealing for everyday use across various environments. Our mission is to empower global citizens to conquer trails, peaks, and city streets with style.

At ROA, functionality is not just a feature; it's a guiding principle. The development process involves a collaboration of experts in both fashion and technical aspects. The synergy of these worlds is a secret sauce, resulting in footwear that seamlessly merges the realms of fashion and hiking. ROA believe this fusion makes ROA equally appealing to passionate hikers and fashion enthusiasts alike.