Klättermusen combines utility and extreme durability in environmentally considerate designs and materials. The brand emerged in 1975 in the scenic mountain village, Åre, out of a group of friends.

Klättermusen is pioneering sustainable excellence in mountaineering equipment

Klättermusen has pioneered refined Scandinavian Mountaineering Equipment, merging utility with extreme durability while prioritizing environmental consciousness. Rigorously tested in real-world conditions, each piece embodies the brand's commitment to maximum safety and minimal environmental impact.

Rooted in midcentury mountaineering culture and '70s ecological awareness, Klättermusen represents more than a brand—it symbolizes a global dedication to sustainability. Guided by self-reliance, durability, and continuous improvement, Klättermusen's equipment making pushes boundaries.

The brand's unique heritage defines every product, emphasizing quality, uniqueness, and consistency. Klättermusen isn't just premium; it's the result of hours dedicated to creating lasting, high-quality products. With a strategy focused on global transparency, Klättermusen has become a brand that transcends seasonality—delivering directly to customers worldwide while maintaining control and quality in every step.