Launched by Sigurd Bank in 2015, mfpen creates elevated staples inspired by the minimalism of both Japanese and Scandinavian style with fit being the focus. The Copenhagen-based label champions sustainability by utilizing luxury Italian deadstock fabric, organic cotton and recycled yarns.

Mfpen are rewriting the narrative of Danish menswear

Since 2015, mfpen has been on a mission to redefine fashion's boundaries by transforming forgotten deadstock fabrics into contemporary, relaxed collections that embody Italian excellence.

Founder Sigurd Bank's journey from a retail buyer to the creative force behind mfpen was inspired by a desire to create, not just communicate. Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond buzzwords. Mfpen embrace deadstock, recycled, and organic fabrics, sourced with a meticulous eye for quantity and impact. Sigurd's dedication leads the brand to invest in massive fabric stocks, ensuring our creations stand the test of time.

The design philosophy is simple: "Made to wear." Mfpen prioritize low impact over profit, crafting products that last in quality and aesthetics. Mfpen's aesthetic is a fusion of classic menswear and a commitment to sensible decision-making. From producing in Europe to limiting packaging, we follow a Responsible Hierarchy in every step.

For mfpen, sustainability isn't a label; it's a way of life. It is more than a brand; it's a proud, independent journey that has grown from a solo venture to a team, staying true to there values every step of the way. Discover mfpen, where fashion meets responsibility, and style endures.