Running Thoughts by William Sivert

How and why William is using running as a simple way to escape and reach the Flow State.

The Escape

Trying to reset, trying to connect, trying to be more.

I’m running to escape. To escape from the busy everyday life, all the expectations and fears.

feeling the burn, feeling the breath, feeling the heart pumping.

Slowly grounding. Grounding to nature, to my surroundings and to my own body.

The Simpleness

Running is simple, as simple as taking one step in front of the other.

This simpleness is cleansing my thoughts away and filing my soul with passion and gratitude - in a lot of ways, making me a better human being.

The Flow State

The highest goal of running is for me not about running the fastest time or the longest.

It’s about reaching the flow State of mind. Where I loose track of everything: time, pace, distance.

I’m just here and now, Running.

Art Direction and Production: Simon Nieves
Creative Direction and Photography: Nicolai Vig Clausen
Talent: William Sivert
Photography Lukas Sikjær